A queer, non-binary, Black British TTRPG performer, writer, and content producer.

TTRPG Writing Credits

and many more that will be announced soon...

TTRPG Actual Play Credits

I have been performing in TTRPG actual play streams and podcasts for over 3 years. I love telling collaborative tales in any and all genres and playing characters with emotional depth. I'll never shy away from exploring personal and interpersonal conflict.

Actual Play Credits
VeilTorn with Roll4It
DRAGONLANCE: Shadow of the Dragon Queen with Oxventure
Higher Education with Vana
Kingmakers with Tablestory
Midsummer Mysteries with Tablestory
The Shepherd Trial with One More Multiverse
Scarlet Citadel with Kobold Press
Candlekeep Mysteries with Roll20
The Great Oozescape with Kobold Press
Doctor Who: The Many Hearts Project with Lore Everlasting
SuperIdols RPG from Episode 4 onwards with ErynCerise
It Came From The Loop with Rule of Lore
From Dusk Till Dark with Vana
Good Strong Hands episodes 177-179 with North By North Quest
The Trio Bryte with Chromatic Chimera